MANDUKYA UPANISHAD : Chapter-1. "AGAMA PRAKARANA" ( The Scriptural Treatise ) Mantram-2, Discussion- 7.




( The Scriptural Treatise )


"Sarvam  hyetad  Brahma,  ayam-atma Brahma,
so' yam-atma  catuspat."

sarvam - all;

hi - indded;

etat -this;

brahma - this (is)  BRAHMAM;

ayam atma brahma - this Self ( ATMA IN US ) is BRAHMAM;

sah - That ( BRAHMAM );

ayam atma - ( which is ) this Self ( ATMA IN US );

catuspat - ( is ) covered with four quarters ( PARTS ).

"All this is verily BRAHMAM. This is BRAHMAM. This JIVATMA ( ATMA WITHIN US ) has four quarters ( parts )."


The Absolute 'this' is then the Spiritual Center in ourselves; and since Spiritual Factor is Eternal and All-pervading, the Center in ourselves is the Center everywhere.

The individual-Self is the Universal-Self.

And hence the Sruti says, "This Atma is BRAHMAM."

This oft-quoted declaration is considered to be major text ( Mahavakyam ) by the Vedantik-seekers.

A Mahavakyam is a scriptuaral declaration which has got almost in exhaustible wealth of significance, over which the more a seeker meditates the more he shall find fresh woods and pastures new to roam about through contemplation.

Ultimately we shall reach a point from where no more thought --- can dare rise :  -

all thoughts  --- shall laps into silence or the joy of Self-Realization.

To be continued ...


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