MUNDAKOPANISHAD : CHAPTER-3. SECTION-2. Mantram-9. ( Knower of Brahmam becomes Brahmam. )

  Mantram-9. ( Knower  of  Brahmam  becomes  Brahmam. )

Discussion-4. "This  conditional  Atma....." ( connect with previous discussion ),
this one is followed -

This  conditioned  Atma  or  ego,  has  certainly  its  own  sorrows  of  limitations  suffered  ---  sense  of  limitation  caused  by  the  conditionings.

The  moment  the  Pure  Awareness,  as  the  Spirit  in  us,  becomes  aware  of  itself,  and  thus,  gains  a  knowledge  of  its  own  All-pervading  Nature,  it  certainly  becomes  one  with  the  Supreme  Divinity.

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