MANDUKYA UPANISHAD : Chapter-1. "AGAMA PRAKARANA" ( The Scriptural Treatise ) Mantram-1, Discussion-3.



( The Scriptural Treatise )


"Harih  Aum,  Aum,-ityetad-aksharam-idam  sarvam

tasyopa-vyakhyanam  bhutam  bhavad-bhavisyad  iti

sarvam-onkara  eva,  yac-canyat-trikalatitam

tad-apy-onkara  eva."

Harih  Aum  =  symbol  of  para Brahmam;

Aum  iti  =  Omkara  ( iti )  thus;

etat  aksharam  =  this  syllable;

idam  sarvam  =  ( is )  all  this;

tasya  =  of  that  ( Omkara );

upa-vyakhyanam  =  a  clear  exposition;

bhutam  =  the  past;

bhavat  =  the  present;

bhavishyat  =  ( and )  the  future;

iti  =  thus  ( belonging  to );

sarvam  =  all  this;

Omkara  eva  =  ( is )  Omkara  only;

yat  =  that  which  is;

ca  =  and;

anyat  =  anything  else;

trikala  atitam  =  beyond  ( the  three  periods  of )  time;

tat  =  that;

api  =  also;

Omkarah  =  ( is )  Omkara;

eva  =  only.

"Harih  Aum, Aum,  the  word,  is  all  this.  A  clear  explanation  of  it  is  ( the  following )" : -

"All  that  is  past,  present,  and  future,  verily  is  Aum.  That  which  is  beyond  the  three  periods  of  time  is  also,  indeed,  Aum."


An ordinary seeker reaches the Master's feet not in any hurry, dejected and disappointed mood because of his failures and tribulations.

A mature student of Spiritualism is not grown out of the mire of sad dissappointmentsand failures.

A potential seeker is not a run-away from life.

He is one who had lived life intensively and well, and had discovered that even the very best that life could give him was but a charter of Sorrow!

This again, should not be construed as a soul-killing pessimism.

This dis-satisfaction is not the expression of life's despair at failure, but it is the natural result when the individual comes to feel the greater life-possibilities.

But, at that moment, the seeker has no words to express either his feeling or the strange glory, shapeless yet glorious, that beckons him incessantly from all round, and yet from nowhere in particular!

It is a strange feeling at once irresistible and almost choking.

To be continued  .....