MANDUKYA UPANISHAD : Chapter-1. "AGAMA PRAKARANA" ( The Scriptural Treatise ) Mantram-1, Discussion- 7.

( The Scriptural Treatise )


"Harih  Aum,  Aum,-ityetad-aksharam-idam  sarvam

tasyopa-vyakhyanam  bhutam  bhavad-bhavisyad  iti

sarvam-onkara  eva,  yac-canyat-trikalatitam

tad-apy-onkara  eva."

Harih  Aum  =  symbol  of  para Brahmam;
Aum  iti  =  Omkara  ( iti )  thus;
etat  aksharam  =  this  syllable;
idam  sarvam  =  ( is )  all  this;
tasya  =  of  that  ( Omkara );
upa-vyakhyanam  =  a  clear  exposition;
bhutam  =  the  past;
bhavat  =  the  present;
bhavishyat  =  ( and )  the  future;
iti  =  thus  ( belonging  to );
sarvam  =  all  this;
Omkara  eva  =  ( is )  Omkara  only;
yat  =  that  which  is;
ca  =  and;
anyat  =  anything  else;
trikala  atitam  =  beyond  ( the  three  periods  of )  time;
tat  =  that;
api  =  also;
Omkarah  =  ( is )  Omkara;
eva  =  only.

"Harih  Aum, Aum,  the  word,  is  all  this.  A  clear  explanation  of  it  is  ( the  following )" : -

"All  that  is  past,  present,  and  future,  verily  is  Aum.  That  which  is  beyond  the  three  periods  of  time  is  also,  indeed,  Aum."

Discussion- 7.

Just as millions of mud-pots are all in a sense nothing but mud, so to there is a "Divine Eternal Factor" out of which the pluralistic world has risen.
The pots have been born from mud, are sustained in mus; again, must after destruction, go back to mud, so too the pluralistic world of phenomena has no other substance for their sustenance than the TRUTH.

In Truth they exist and to Truth they return when they are withdrawn from their state of manifestation.
'That fundamental Truth, the Ultimate, Eternal, the All-pervading, Conscious Principle, is pointed out to the student as "AUM. "

To be continued  .....

Born in Bharatham, Living in Sanatana Dharmam that is Hinduism, Living with Hindus, Muslims and Christians are ignorant of the Values of Bharatham and her Sanatana Dharmam.

Here Rishi-s brilliantly explain the TRUTH.

Members read carefully and assimilate, to live in this TRUTH.