MANDUKYA UPANISHAD : Chapter-1. "AGAMA PRAKARANA" ( The Scriptural Treatise ) Mantram-2, Discussion- 4.




( The Scriptural Treatise )


"Sarvam  hyetad  Brahma,  ayam-atma Brahma,
so' yam-atma  catuspat."

sarvam - all;

hi - indded;

etat -this;

brahma - this (is)  BRAHMAM;

ayam atma brahma - this Self ( ATMA IN US ) is BRAHMAM;

sah - That ( BRAHMAM );

ayam atma - ( which is ) this Self ( ATMA IN US );

catuspat - ( is ) covered with four quarters ( PARTS ).

"All this is verily BRAHMAM. This is BRAHMAM. This JIVATMA ( ATMA WITHIN US ) has four quarters ( parts )."


Last edition :-

This idea is well brought out in the Vedantik analogy of the limited and the unlimited space. ...What we consider as the room-space is not in any way, in fact anything distinct from the total-space....In  fact the room-space is the total-space.

Now ...

Similarly,  .....
the All - pervading Reality, Eternal, Immortal and Infinite, in its delusory identification with the self - erected walls around it, such as the body, mind, and intellect, feels for itself a separate personality in its own delusion!

Identifying with these layers of matter, it gains to itself the ideas of mortality, egoism, vanities and consequent stupidities. ( as our present day ploiticians )!

To break this notion of falsehood, and to walk into the wisdom of PURE KNOWLEDGE is the goal of the seeker and herein we find, the Master through this Upanishad, giving a very clear statement of TRUTH.

To be continued ...