MANDUKYA UPANISHAD : Chapter-1. "AGAMA PRAKARANA" ( The Scriptural Treatise ) Mantram-2, Discussion- 3.



( The Scriptural Treatise )


"Sarvam  hyetad  Brahma,  ayam-atma Brahma,
so' yam-atma  catuspat."

sarvam - all;

hi - indded;

etat -this;

brahma - this (is)  BRAHMAM;

ayam atma brahma - this Self ( ATMA IN US ) is BRAHMAM;

sah - That ( BRAHMAM );

ayam atma - ( which is ) this Self ( ATMA IN US );

catuspat - ( is ) covered with four quarters ( PARTS ).

"All this is verily BRAHMAM. This is BRAHMAM. This JIVATMA ( ATMA WITHIN US ) has four quarters ( parts )."

This idea is well brought out in the Vedantik analogy of the limited and the unlimited space.

What we consider as the room-space is not in any way, in fact anything distinct from the total-space.

The atmospheric-space is not limited in any sense, at any time.

Space as a concept is not available for any limitations imposed upon it by bricks and mortar raised as walls, etc,; for, even the very walls, seemingly limiting and dividing off the atmosphere from the room-space, stand but in space itself!

Unless we say that space limits space, their is nothing else in the world that can really condition space, and yet the space in the room identifying itself with the walls, the floor and ceiling, assumes to itself a special ego as the "the drawing-room space"  or as "the bed-room space" etc.;

In fact, the space was "one with the entire space"  before walls were built around and the space will be found to be "one with the entire space,"again when the walls are broken down!

Therefore, the separative idea as the "the room-space"is only a delusory phantom-freak created by the total space identifying with the four walls and the room and the flooring.

In fact the room-space is the total-space. 

To be continued  ..