Mundakopanishad : " Explanation about the higher Knowledge " Mantram-6.




Mantram-6. ( Explanation  about  the  higher  Knowledge )

Discussion-8. "Neither  eyes  nor  ears  nor  hands  nor  legs"   .......

Earlier  we  are  told  by  the  Mother  Sruti  that  the  Supreme  is  not  visible  to  us.

We  may  then  jump  into  misunderstanding  that  even  though  we  cannot  see  it,  It  may  be  seeing  us.

This  is  denied  here  by  the  scripture.

The  Supreme  has  neither  the  organs - of  - knowledge  nor  the  organs - of  - action.

The  eyes  and  ears,  the  hands  and  legs,  are  vehicles  which  can  function  only  in  Him  but  He  needs  none  of  these  intruments  for  His  own  existence.

The  All-pervading  needs  no  instruments  to  recognise Itself.

There  are  no  objects  in  Him  other  than  Himself.

There  is  no  ignorance  in  Him  to  be  discovered  with  some  knowledge  newly  gained  ---

He  is  Knowledge  itself.

Note : He, Him, His are  all  = Lord/God/Absolute/Brahmam  ---- and so on,  as  we  call.

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