Mundakopanishad : ( A look at the rituals ).Mantram-1.



Section-2. ( Rituals )

Mantram-1. ( A  look  at  the  rituals ).

 Discussion-2. "A  call  to  all  'Satya-kama-s' ......"

Thus,  the  section  starts  with  a  call  to  all  "SATYAKAMA-S"  to  follow  faithfully  the  various  rituals  ordered  in  all  the  Veda-s.

"They  are  true,"  says  the  Guru  ---   "True  inasmuch  as  they  give  the  desired  results,  in  case  the  Karma-s  are  properly  done  as  advised  in  the  Veda-s."

The  particular  word  used  here  "tretayam" may  mean  either  in  the  "Treta-yugam" or  in  the  three  Veda-s.

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To be continued  ....



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