Mundakopanishad : ( A look at the rituals ).Mantram-1.



Section-2. ( Rituals )

Mantram-1. ( A  look  at  the  rituals ).

Discussion-1. "Re-cap  of  last  section......"

In  the  last  section  total  knowledge-possibilities  were  divided  under  two  heads,  1. the  higher,  2.  the  lower.

The  Rishi-s  also  gave  out  therein  a  general  hint  as  to  what  constitutes  "apara-vidya" and  what  exactly  constitutes  the  "para-vidya."

In  this  section,  we  find,  a  rough  and  ready  sketch  of  the  entire  kingdom  of  the  lower  knowledge,  between  many  dots  and  dashes,  scribbled  in  haste,  only  to  laugh  at  its  inefficiency  in  bringing  about  eternal  goodness  or  permanent  happiness.

Next  :  Discussion-2. "A  call  to  all  'Satya-kama-s' ......"

To be continued  ....



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