Mundakopanishad : [ Description of the sad state of knowledge-less ( devoid of Upasana ) rituals ]. Mantram-s. 8 to 10.



Section-2. ( Rituals )

Mantram - 8 to 10. [ Description  of  the  sad  state  of  knowledge-less  ( devoid  of  Upasana )  rituals ]


Discussion-2. "ritualism  is  but  a  market-place  ......"

To  such  seekers,  titualism  is  but  a  market-place,  where  they  pay  the  price  to  get  the  thing  that  they  want.

Prompted  by  desires  and,  wishing  to  purify  them  by  fulfilling  them  they  perform  the  karma - s  as  advised  in  the  Veda-s.

We  have  already  seen  in  the  beginning,  how  desires  only  multiply  as  each  desire  gets  fulfilled,  unless  the  sources  of  eruption  of  desires  is  dried  up  or  choked.

Why  such  learned  'pandita-s',  in  spite  of  their  great  knowledge  should,  till  death,  waste  their  time,  energy  and  attention  only  in  performing  'Karma-s' and  not  dare  to  go  beyond  the  planes  of  this  initial  spiritual  training,  is  explained  in  this  mantram  by  the  epithet  "ragat".

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