Mundakopanishad : [ Description of the sad state of knowledge-less ( devoid of Upasana ) rituals ]. Mantram-s. 8 to 10.



Section-2. ( Rituals )

Mantram - 8 to 10. [ Description  of  the  sad  state  of  knowledge-less  ( devoid  of  Upasana )  rituals ]


Discussion-2. "Mint-house-intellects  and  Bank-hearts ............"

Today,  the  so-called  educated  class,  in  their  spiritual  illiteracy,  cry  down  the  very  vital  life  of  meditation,  because,  with  their  "Mint-house-intellect  and  Bank-hearts,"   they  read  nothing  but  their  own  "Cheque-Book-Scriptures ( Leaves ),"  and  their  own  sins  come  to  haunt  them.

Naturally,  they  cannot  understand  any  life  more  happy  than  the  life  of  sighs,  tears  and  sweat.

That  desire-prompted-actions  alone  constitute  life,  was  a  theory  as  old  as  the  scriptures  and  this  is  evident  from  the  'Mantram  in  the  Sruti'.

But,  that  advocacy  of  the  greater  life  of  meditation  is  also  equally  ols,  is  seen  in  the  very  fact  that  the  very  Sruti  condemning  here  the  life  of  desire-prompted  actions  and  is  advising  a  greater  life  in  higher  meditation.

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