Mundakopanishad : [ Description of the sad state of knowledge-less ( devoid of Upasana ) rituals ]. Mantram-s. 8 to 10.



Section-2. ( Rituals )

Mantram - 8 to 10. [ Description  of  the  sad  state  of  knowledge-less  ( devoid  of  Upasana )  rituals ]


Discussion-4. "What  Upanishads  say  about  the  above  two  "ISTA and  PURTA"  ......"

"The  Upanishad-s  say  that  one  should  be  a  'Colossal  Fool' to  claim  that  these  ( Ista  and Purta )   and  these  alone  constitute  the  Supreme  most  act  of  divinity,  and  that  there  is  nothing  superior  to  it."

This  condemnation  of  the  Scriptures  is  because  the  meritorious  acts  of  both  the  categories,  in  their  reactions,  only  provide  for  us  subtler  field  of  experiences,  caled  the  "Heavens."

One  who  has  thus  gained  'heavens',  as  result  of  the  meritorious  act  performed  by  him  here  below,  will  have  one  day,  on  exhausting  the  merit-balance  against  him,  to  return  back  to  the  lower  planes  of  Consciousness,  where  pain  and  struggle,  failures  and  successes,  appointments  and  disappointments,  loss  and  gain,  death  and  birth  etc.,  can  be  his  experience  again.

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To be continued  ....

Note : Readers,  must  go  through  the  lines  of  the  mantram,  while  following  discussions,  for  maximum  understanding..

Swami Chinmayananda  ( early  days  of  Spirtualty ) with  his  family  members,  at  his  ancestral  home  in  Kerala


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