Mundakopanishad : [ What men with knowledge ( Upasana ) attain]. Mantram- 11.



Section-2. ( Rituals )

Mantram - 11. [ What  men  with  knowledge  ( Upasana )  attain ].


Discussion-4. 'Summation' ..........  "Kaivalya  Mukti"  ( Pure  liberation )  ...............

But,  as  far  as  Jnani  is  concerned,  as  in  the  case  of  a  'Buddha,  a  Sankaracharya,    a  Ramanujacharya,  a  Madhvacharya,   a Ramakrishna  Paramahamsa,  a  Vivekananda,  an   Aurobindo, a  Ramana Maharishi, a  Sivanada,  a  Krishnananda,   a  Tapovanam   a  Chinmayananda,  there  is  no  going  and  comming;  they  reach  what  is  called  as  "Kaivalya  Mukti" ( Pure  liberation )  or  "Sadyo  Mukti"  ( immediate  liberation )  or   " Jivan  Mukti "   in  this  very  life.

There  is  no  going  to  this  place  or  that  for  them;  for  they  have  "become  the  all"   while  here  itself.

Mantram 11. Discussion : ENDS.

Next : Mantram-12. { A  seeker  seeing  meaningless-ness  of  the  wordly  and  heavenly  pleasures  advised  to  approach  a  teacher  and  seek  "Supreme  Knowledge." }

To be continued   .....


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