Mundakopanishad : [ Description of the sad state of knowledge-less ( devoid of Upasana ) rituals ]. Mantram-s. 8 to 10.



Section-2. ( Rituals )

Mantram - 8 to 10. [ Description  of  the  sad  state  of  knowledge-less  ( devoid  of  Upasana )  rituals ]

Mantram - 8.

Discussion-3. " But  it  is  not. ".....  to  explain  this  an  example  follows....".  

When  your  child  is  in  the  elementary  classes,  you  have  to  insist  that  child  should  daily  read  and  learn  the  multiplication  table.

But,  when  he  has  come  to  the  standard  of  pure  mathematics,  it  should  be  absurd  if  you  are  to  insist  that  he/she  should  yet  read  and  learn  every  day  the  multiplication  table,  even  during  his  post-graduate  studies!

In  primary  classes,  arithmetic-tables  were  to  him,  certainly  his  Bible,  but  in  the  college-classes,  it  is  redundant,  in  as  much  as,  the  student  by  then  has  amassed  the  knowledge.

Similarly,  rituals  have  an  elementary  purpose,  without  which  nothing  higher  is  possible;

but  to  continue  wasting  the  entire  life  in  mere  ritualism,  would  be  terrible  wastage,  and  hence :


Note : Even  Today, Unfortunately  we  are  still  in  the  standard  of  ritualistic  activities,  and  not  rising  above on  our  way  to  higher standards  ( grown  up.).

Mantram -8. ENDS.

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