Mundakopanishad : [ Description of the sad state of knowledge-less ( devoid of Upasana ) rituals ]. Mantram-s. 8 to 10




Section-2. ( Rituals )

Mantram - 8 to 10. [ Description  of  the  sad  state  of  knowledge-less  ( devoid  of  Upasana )  rituals ]


Discussion-1. " Karmam  and  Jnanam" .....

Never  was  the  world  without  this  bitter  controversy  between  the  two  principles  of  life,  namely,  (1).laborious,  extrovert  action  and  (2). peaceful  introvert  seeking.

'KARMA  JNANAM'have  been  at  tug-of  war,  unbroken  at  all  times,  and  this  endless  controversy  itself,  we  may  say,  was  the  main  'motive-force,'  which  have  "HINDUISM"  such  a  perfect  and  tight  "Science" of  "Spiritualism.'

This  strength  never  realised  by  the  Bharatheeya  people passed  on  by  way  'Rishi  parampara'  through  'Mother Sruti'.

"The  so  called  instrument  'Secularism' is  mis-used  by  politicians  and  the  so-called  minorities,  take  advantage  of  this  and  put  their  collective  vote-bank  power  to  wipe  out  this  ancient  culture,  by  opposing  Yogasanam,  Surya-Namaskaram,  term 'OM'   and  "Vande matharam" ,  again  common  civil  code,  disrespecting  'COWS'   and  many  more  such  as  laughing  at  our  epics,  Veda-s,  scriptures,  and  even  Srimad  Bhagavad-Gita  where  East  and  West  world  all-over  respect  our  culture  and  traditions  and  try  to  learn  them  ....."

In  the  history  of  the  world  also,  we  find  that  periods  of  'Karmam,'  yielding  place  to  periods  of  'Jnanam'  which,  in  its  turn,  give  place  to  'Karmam' again.

We  are  living  in  an  age  of  'Karmam' and  that  is  why  we  find  a  general  cry  against  life  of  retirement  and  renunciation.

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