Mundakopanishad : Chapter-2, Section-1, Mantram-1. { Birth of all beings from "Brahmam" like sparks from fire. }

Mundakopanishad :



Mantram-1. { Birth  of  all  beings  from  "Brahmam" like  sparks  from  fire. }

tad-etat  satyam  yatha  sudiptat  pavakad

visphulingah  sahasrasah  prabhavante  sarupah

tatha-ksarad  vividhah  somya  bhavah

prajayante  tatra  caivapi-yanti.

tat  =  that;

etat  =  this;

satyam  =  truth;

yatha  =  as;

sudiptat  =  from  the  flaming;

pavakat  =  ( from )  fire;

visphulingah  =  sparks;

sahasrasah  =  by  thousands;

prabhavante  =  issue  forth,  spring  out;

sarupah  =  of  the  same  form;

tatha  =  as;

aksarat  =  from  the  immortal  ( Bramam );

vividhah  =  various  diverse;

somya  =  beloved  youth;

bhavah  =  jiva-s;

prajayante  =  originate,  are  born;

tatra  =   there;

ca  =  and'

eva  =  verily;

api  =  again;

yanti  =  go  ( find  way  into ).

"This  is  the  truth :  as  from  the  flaming  fire  thousands  of  sparks,  similar  to  its  form   ( nature )  issue  forth;  so  from  the  immortal  ( Brahmam )  O !  my  beloved  youth,  diverse  ( manifold )  beings  ( Jivatma-s )  originate  and  they  find  way  back  into  it."

Discussion-1.  "Recap"...

The  first  chapter  gave  us  a  complete  picture  of  the  "lower  knowledge",  and  "Sruti,"   in  order  to  canvass  a  true  seeker  ----  one  in  whom  the  lower  rituals  have  fulfilled  themselves  ---  to  the  folds  of  a  "higher  knowledge,"  that  even  laughed  at  ritualism.

In  this  chapter,  the  attempt  is  to  paint  for  us  an  idea  of  a  "Supreme  Knowledge" with  its  contents,  functions  and  qualities.

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