Mundakopanishad : Chapter-2, Section-1, Mantram-3. { "Brahmam - the Supreme cause of all" }.

Mundakopanishad :



Mantram- 3. { "Brahmam - the Supreme  cause  of  all" }.

Discussion-1. "From  the  Supreme  Reality  explained  in  the  previous  mantram,  was  created  the  entire  world,  knowable  and  knowing  objects " .....

Thus  here,  we  have  the  enumeration  explaining  that  the  five  elements,  the  ten  senses,  the  'Prana' and  the  'mind' came  out  of  "Brahmam."

It  is  a  Sastrik  declaration  that  the  form  ---  quality  of  creation  has  camr  out  of  seventeen tattva-s.

Also,  it  declares  that  the  entire  world  of  activity  ( prana),  of  feelings  (mind),  of  cognition  ( sense-organs),  and  the  outer  world  of  the  Five  great  Elements  have  all  the  same  source  in  the  Eternal  Reality  as  explained  in  the  previous  mantram.

In  case,  the  pure  Existence  viz.  the  Reality  is  removed  from  the  created  world,  we  shall  find  the  observed  world  of  plurality  dwindling  itself  into  nothingness  or  non-existence.

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