Mundakopanishad : { A seeker seeing meaningless-ness of the wordly and heavenly pleasures advised to approach a teacher and seek 'Supreme Knowledge.' } Mantram-12.



 Section-2. ( Rituals )

 Mantram-12. { A  seeker  seeing  meaninglessness  of  the  worldly  and  heavenly  pleasures  advised  to  approach  a  teacher  and  seek  "Supreme  Knowledge." }


Discussion-10. Summation.....

Whatever  it  is,  it  only  indicates  that  the  disciples,  in  the  olden  times,  sought  a  Master  and  reached  his  feet,  not  through  appointments  'made  by  letters  or  telegrams  or  telephones-calls!'

Today,  if  we  are  doing  so,  we  are  thereby  denying  to  ourselves  the  maximum  benefit  which  we could  otherwise  gain  out  of  these  Masters  by  repeating  the  old  practice  and  approaching  them  in  that  attitude  of  surrender  and  true  seeking.

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