Mundakopanishad : Chapter-2, Section-1, Mantram-1. { Birth of all beings from "Brahmam" like sparks from fire. }

Mundakopanishad :



Mantram-1. { Birth  of  all  beings  from  "Brahmam" like  sparks  from  fire. }

Discussion-3. "the  unprepared  western  readers   ....."

The  unprepared  western  readers  invariably  feel  confused  and  confounded,  when  they  directly  take  up  the  study  of  the  Bharatheeya  ( Hindu ) Scriptures  without  the  aid  of  a  true  Master.

The  opening  mantram of  this  chapter  gives  us  an  example  wherein  an  uninitiated  would  feel  an  ever-lasting  confusion.

In  the  previous  section,  the  "Sruti   asserted"  that  the  ritualistic  part  of  religion  is  the  Truth.

Now,  in  this  chapter,  'Sruti' with  equal  emphasis  is  declaring :

"This  is  the  Truth  ----   the  theme  of  Supreme  Consciousness,  which  lies  beyond  all  the  fields  of  ritualism.

This  kind  of  emphasis,  asserting  at  one  point  that  ritualism  is  the  Supreme  and  within  the  same  Upanishad  asserting  with  equal  emphasis  that  philosophy  is  the  Supreme,  sends  the  Westerner  screaming  mad,  and  throws  up  the  sacred  texts  and  declares,  "Hinduism  is  madness  systematized."

The  educated  Bharatheeya-s  nurtured  and  nourished  these  poisonous  western  criticisms,  also  come  to  repeat  the  same  opinion  with  parrot-like  faithfulness.

Thus,  the  more  educated  a  Bharatheeya  is,  the  less  respect  he  has  for  his  own treasure, i.e,  our  epics, Veda-s, Upanishads  and  so  on.    

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