Mundakopanishad : Chapter-2, Section-1, Mantram-1. { Birth of all beings from "Brahmam" like sparks from fire. }

Mundakopanishad :



Mantram-1. { Birth  of  all  beings  from  "Brahmam" like  sparks  from  fire. }

Discussion-4.  "Hear  what  Mother  Sruti  tells  us  .....  "

There  is  no  contradiction  at  all here  to  those  who  know  the  technique  of  the  'Sruti.'

The  Rishi-s  of  the  Upanishad-s  first  insisted  that  ritualism  alone  is  Supreme,  in  order  to  encourage  a  seeker  to  go  through  those  initial  techniques  in  self-perfection.

Having  lived  a  few  years  in  sincere  ritualim  the  seeker  develops  his  mental  and  intellectual  integration  and  higher  meditation.

If  from  the very  outset,  Sruti  had  declared  that  ritualism  is  a  subsidiary  activity,  certainly  no  seeker  would  have  gone  through  it,  but  would  have  straight  away  walked  into  the  halls  of  meditation  only  to  sit  and  sleep.

To  avert  this  calamity,  out  of  sheer  kindness  'Mother  Sruti' is  thus  encouraging  the  rituals.

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