Mundakopanishad : Chapter-2, Section-1, Mantram-2. { "The Absolute nature of Brahmam" }.

Mundakopanishad :



Mantram-2. {  "The  Absolute  nature  of  Brahmam"  }

Discussion-2. "Divya" .....

Consciousness  expresses  itself  in  the  awareness  we  are  capable  of.

When  we  say  that  we  are  aware  of  any  object,  feeling,  or  idea,  we  mean  that,  that  object,  feeling,  or  idea  is  in  a  beam  of  light  emanating  from  us  and  illuminating  it  for  us.

Thus  the  life-spark  in  us,  with  reference  to  its  manifestation  as  awareness  in  us,  the  Sruti  is  descibing  as  "Divya."

Fro  what  we  have  said,  it  is  possible  that  we  may  conclude  that  the  Self  is  a  limited  speck  within  ourselves  only.

In  order  to  remove  the  misunderstanding,  the  Sruti  explains  that  this  Self  is  equally  within  and  without,  and  life  is  possible  only  in  a  medium  of  Truth.

This  all-pervading  light  of  wisdom  should  naturally  be  unborn,  since  it  is  eternal.

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