Mundakopanishad : Chapter-2, Section-1, Mantram-3. { "Brahmam - the Supreme cause of all" }.

Mundakopanishad :



Mantram- 3. { "Brahmam - the Supreme  cause  of  all" }.

Discussion-3. Eternal  wisdom  is  that  Knowledge,   "Knowing  which  every  other  knowledge  becomes  known"  ...

Removing  all  the  cotton,  neither  the  cloth  nor  the  pattern  can  remain.

In  cotton  it  exists,  out  of  cotton  it  has  come  and  into  cotton  alone  can  it  merge  back.

Similarly  the  Pure  Consciousness,  the  external  Pure  Wisdom  is : ' That  Knowledge,'  - -    " Knowing  which  every  other  knowledge  becomes  Known";  out  of  this  'Absolute  Knowledge' has  all  the  world  of  names  and  forms  emerged  out, and  in  it  they  exist  and  in  it  they  merge  back.

It  is,  in  order  to  make  us  understand  this  'Single  Idea' in  all  its  pregnant  imports,  that  the  "Mother  Sruti" has  started  this  section  with ever  so  many  mantra-s,  each  in  different  ways,  expressing  this  " ONE  AND  THE  SAME  IDEA."

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To be continued  ....



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