Mundakopanishad : { A seeker seeing meaningless-ness of the wordly and heavenly pleasures advised to approach a teacher and seek 'Supreme Knowledge.' } Mantram-12.



Section-2. ( Rituals )

Mantram-12. { A  seeker  seeing  meaninglessness  of  the  worldly  and  heavenly  pleasures  advised  to  approach  a  teacher  and  seek  "Supreme  Knowledge." }


Discussion- 6. "Inexpressible  is  at  least   to  some  extent  expressed"......

This  does  not  mean  that  we  must  despair  at  the  thought  that  we  have  no  mastery  over  the  scrptural  knowledge  and,  therefore,  we  shall  never  come  to  erealize  the  Highest.

In  order  to  realize  the  Self,  a  mastery  of  the  scrpture  is  not  necessary.

It  is  only  to  become  a "Jagat-Guru"  that  we  need  this  education.

There  are  very  many  realized  saints  in  mour  sacred  land  even  today  who  have  plunged  into  silence;  they  have  no  words  to  express  the  Inexpressible.

Mother  Sruti  alone  is  the  mighty  magical  instrument  by  which  the  "Inexpressible  is  at  least  to  some  extent  expressed."

Next : Discussion-7. The  pandita-s,  in  the  past  as  well  as   present  are  not  educated  in  the  culture  of  the  'Upanishads.'

To be continued   ....


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