Mundakopanishad : { A seeker seeing meaningless-ness of the wordly and heavenly pleasures advised to approach a teacher and seek 'Supreme Knowledge.' } Mantram-12.



Section-2. ( Rituals )

Mantram-12. { A  seeker  seeing  meaninglessness  of  the  worldly  and  heavenly  pleasures  advised  to  approach  a  teacher  and  seek  "Supreme  Knowledge." }


Discussion-5. "Approaching  a Guru.........."

In  order  to  know  That,  in  order  to  realise  the  Self,  the  scripture  advises  that  a  brahmana  must  approach  a  guru.

In  this  mantram,  we  get  the  clearest  definition  of  a  perfect  guru.

It  is  noteworthy  that  nowhere  else  in  the  bulk  of  our  scriptures  have  we  such  a  complete  and  exhaustive  definition  of  a  guru.

A  guru  should  have  two  great  qualifications :

1. a  mastery  over  the  entire  scriptural  literature,  and

2. a  complete  personal  experience  of  the Absolute  Reality.

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