Mundakopanishad : { 'Instructions to teachers on initiating fit students' } Mantram-13.



 Section-2. ( Rituals )

 Mantram-13. { 'Instructions  to  teachers  on  initiating  fit  students' }

Mantram-13. ( Very Important  for  the  present  teachers, students, parents, and the  society( Whole Nation ).

Discussion-2. "Mother Sruti  says  further ........"

And,  when  such  a  disciple  approaches  a  "true  guru,"  here  the  "Sruti" dictates  that  he  should  explain  the  "Truth,"  in  all  its  purity  to  the  student,  and consistently  encourage  him  to  live  that  life  and  reach  the  goal.

A"true  guru" has  no  right  to  deny  instructing  any  disciple.

But,  the  disciple  also  must  have  the  necessary  qualifications,  such  as  a  complete  self-control  and  a  degree  of  mental  tranquility.

To  such  a  disciple,  the  'guru'  must  explain,  not  merely  the  word-meaning  of  the  scripture,  but  also  the  indicative  meaning  by  which  limited  words  of  the  scripture  explain  the  inexplicable.    

Thus  Chapter-1,  Section-2,  Mantram-13,  ENDS  HERE.

Next : Chapter-2,  Section-1, Mantram-1. { Birth  of  all  beings  from  "Brahmam" like  sparks  from  fire. }

To be continued   ......



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