Mundakopanishad : { 'Instructions to teachers on initiating fit students' } Mantram-13.



 Section-2. ( Rituals )

 Mantram-13. { 'Instructions  to  teachers  on  initiating  fit  students' }

Mantram-13. ( Very Important  for  the  present  teachers, students, parents, and the  society( Whole Nation ).

 Discussion-1.  " A  direction  to  the  teacher-class,  by  "Sruti" ......

Here  in  this  mantram,  'Sruti' is  giving  a  direction  to  the  teacher - class.

{ NOTE :Please  follow  carefully,  this  direction  of  "SRUTI" IS  STILL APPLICABLE  IN  THE  PRESENT  MODERN  AGE. "

In  Bharatham  at  present  ( way  back  too )  various  scams  occurred  in  our  education  system,  and  the  last  "VYAPAM-SCAM" MADHYAPRADESH........see  how  deep  we  have  fallen!!!}

Earlier,  "Mother  Sruti" instructed  and  advised  how  a  true  brahmana  (disciple/student ),  having  lived  intensively  the  ritualistic  life  for  a  long  number  of  years,  must  come  to  discriminatively  analyse  the  results  gained  by  him;  when  he  has  realized  that  even  'Brahmalokam' is  but  a  subtler  form  of  sorrow  and  limited  perfection,  then  he  should  approach  a  perfect  Master  for  his  initiation  into  the  greater  secrets  of  lfe.

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