Mundakopanishad : Chapter-2, Section-1, Mantram-5. { Sequence of Creation from the Imperishable }

Mundakopanishad :



Mantram-5. { Sequence  of  Creation  from  the  Imperishable }

Discussion-5. "What  Sruti  says  ......."

That  from  the  rain,  the  seedlings  grow,  needs  no  commentary.

When  these  vegetable  are  eaten,  the  male  secretes  its  seeds  which  are  thrown  in  to  the  womb  of  the  female  where  germination  takes  places.

This  is  the  pedigree or  the  sequence  by  which  from  the  Supreme,  the  multiple  plurality  of  created  beings  come  to  exist,  says  the  'Sruti'.

Mantram-5. ENDS.

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