Mundakopanishad : Chapter-2, Section-1, Mantram-6 & 7. { Rituals and means to perform them are also born from the imperishable. }

Mundakopanishad :



Mantram-6 & 7.  { Rituals  and  means  to  perform  them  are  also  born  from  the  imperishable. }

Discussion-2. "In  the  second  mantram,  we  have  ......."

In  the  second  mantram,  we  have  the  combination  of the  sequence  of  Creation,  to  emphasize  the fact,  that  every  living  creature  and  its  activities  of  life  have  come  from  that  Supreme  Soul,  the  Eternal  Pure  Consciousness.

After  the  corn  and  barley  in  the  above  list,  the  Rishi-s  enumerate,  thought,  devotion,  etc.

A few  well  known  critics  seem  to  stumble  here  not  finding  a  real  connection  at  this  place.

In  fact,  there  is  no  confusion  of  thought  here.

Corn  and  barley  stand  for  food,  and  food  is  the  nourisher  of  thought  :

- if   one  were  to  fast  continuously  for  some  forty  days,  one  would  experience  that  one's mind  refuses  to  entertain  any  thought.

On  the  other  hand,  when  one  starts  taking  more  and  more  food  in  small  doses,  one  would  find  that,  in  proportion  to  the  amount  of  food  consumed,  the  volume  of  thoughts  and  the  frequency  of  their  movements  also  increase.

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