Mundakopanishad : Chapter-2, Section-1, Mantram-9. { "Mountains, rivers, plants, rtc. are also born of Brahmam" }.

Mundakopanishad :



Mantram-9. { "Mountains, rivers, plants,  rtc. are also  born  of  Brahmam" }.

Discussion-2. "Antaratma"..?

The  'antaratma'  ( term used in the end of the fourth line of the mantram )  mentioned  in  the  mantramis  to  be  understood  to  refer  to  the  subtle  body  ( Sushma-sariram )  and  not  to  the  seat  of  Consciousness.

In  short,  the  labour  of  mother  'Sruti'  is  to  hammer into  our  understanding  the  idea,  that  all  the  names-and-forms  recognised  by  our  senses,  all  the  mental  emotions  and  intellectual  capacities,  in  short,  the  entire  world  outside  and  within  ourselves,  have  risen  from  the  'One  Eternal  Principle,  the  "PARAMATMA."


Next Mantram-10. {  Brahmam  and  the  universe  are  ONE.  Knowing Brahmam destroys  the  knots  of  Ignorance. }

To be continued  ....


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