Mundakopanishad : Chapter-2, Section-1, Mantram-4. { Cosmic form of 'Brahmam' - the 'Indweller' of all living beings }

Mundakopanishad :



Mantram- 4. { Cosmic  form  of  'Brahmam' - the 'Indweller' of  all  living  beings }

Discussion - 3. "the  heaven  is  His  head  His  ears, "

It  is  the  realisation  of  every  great  saint  or  prophet    in  all  religions  of  the  world,  tht  the  individual  separative  concept  of  a  self-arrogating  ego  is  a  myth  and  a  false  glory.

From  the  beginning  to  the  end,  the  one  continuous  labour  in  Vedantham  is  to  prove  to  its  faithful  followers  that  the  Microsom  ( individual )  is  nothing  other  than  the  Macrosom  ( the  total /Paramatma ).

Here,  this  idea  is  slightly  developed  in  saying  :

"the  Heaven  is  His  head,  His  eyes  are  the  Sun  and  the  Moon,  Space/Sky  His  ears," etc....

Next : Discussion - 4. "description  of  the  Infinite  in  terms  of  the  finite ........."

To be continued  .....    


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