Mundakopanishad : Chapter-2, Section-1, Mantram-5. { Sequence of Creation from the Imperishable }

Mundakopanishad :



Mantram-5. { Sequence  of  Creation  from  the  Imperishable }

Discussion-1. "It  is  such  Mantram-s  that  confuse  and  confound  ordinary  reader........we  need  a  guide ( Guru )..."

It  is  such  mantram-s  that  confuse  and  confound  the  library  readers  of  the  scriptures.

From  every  way-side-book-stall  cheap  editions  of  all  scriptures  in  the  world,  temptingly  invite  the  passers-by.

The  publishers  also  see  to  it  that  the  editions  are  within  the  reach  of  all.

And  yet,  none  of  the  none  of  the  editors  has  cared  to  see  whether  the  stuff  printed  in  them  is  intelligible  to  the  man-in-the-street  or  a  casual  railway-passenger.

And  thus,  when  one  with  no  preliminary  knowledge  plunges  into  these  great  scientific  text-books,  he  finds  himself  lost  and  confounded.

It  is  at  such  moments  that  we  need  a  guide  who  is  well-versed  in  these  Sastram-s  and  who  is  also  well-experienced  in  these  experiences  of  Truth.

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