Mundakopanishad : Chapter-2, Section-1, Mantram-8. { Objects, organs and their presiding deities are also the creation of Brahmam }.

Mundakopanishad :



Mantram-8. { Objects,  organs  and  their  presiding  deities  are  also  the  creation  of  Brahmam }.

Sapta  pranah  prabhavanti  tasmat

saptarcisah  samidhah  sapta  homah,

sapta  ime  loka  yeshu  caranti  prana

guhasaya  nihitah  sapta  sapta.

sapta  pranah  =  seven  prana-s  or  organs  of  senses;

prabhavanti  =  are  born;

tasmat  =  from  Him;

sapta  arcisah  =  seven  flames  of  the  fire  ( viz. 1.Kali, 2. Karati, 3. etc,.......)  which  are  powers  of  recognition;

samidhah  =  ( seven - fold  sense  objects ),  fuel;

saptah  =  seven-fold;

homah  =  oblations  ( knowledge );

saptah  =  seven;

ime  =  these;

lokah  =  worlds, ( seats  of  sense  life );

yeshu  =  where;

caranti  =  move;

pranah  =  the  prana-s  ( life-forces);

guhasayah  =  lying  in  the  cave  ( heart );

nihitah  =  seated;

sapta  =  seven;

sapta  =  seven.

"From HIM  are  born  seven  Prana-s,  the  seven  flames,  seven-fold  fuel,  the  seven-fold  oblations,  as  also  the  seven  worlds  where  the  Prana-s  move  in  the  cave  of  living  creatures;  seven  and  seven."

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