Mundakopanishad : CHAPTER-2. SECTION-2. MANTRAM-1.{ Pointers to the nature of Brahmam and advice how to know it. }

Mundakopanishad :



MANTRAM-1.{  Pointers  to  the  nature  of  Brahmam  and  advice  how  to  know  it. }

Avih  sannihitam  guhacaram  nama

mahat  padam-atraitat  samarpitam,

ejat  pranan-nimisac-ca  yadetaj-janatha  sad-asad

varenyam  param  vijnanad  yad-varishtam  prajanam.

avih  =  bright;

sannihitam  =  existing  very  close;

guhacaram  =  moving  in  the  cavity  of  heart;

nama  =  known  as;

mahat  =  great;

padam  =  the  support;

atra  =  here  ( in  that  Brahmam );

etat  =  this;

( sarvam  =  all );

samarpitam  =  ( in  HIM  ( Brahmam / Lord / God )  is  all  the  universe )  centred  round;

ejat  =  moves;

pranat  =  breathes;

nimisat  =  winks;

ca  =  and;

yat  =  this  ( Brahmam );

etat  =  this;

janatha  =  know;

sat  =  with  form  ( gross );

asat  =  without  form ( subtle );

varenyam  =  the  most  adorable;

param  =  the  highest  of  beings;

vijnanat  =  beyond  the  understanding  of;

yat  =  this;

varishtam  =  the  one  being  adored;

prajanam  =  of  creatures.

"Bright,  existing  very  close,  moving  in  the  cavity  of  the  heart;

great  and  the  support  of  all;

In  HIM  is  all  the UNIVERSE  centred  round  :

what  moves,  breathes  and  winks.

Know  it  which  is  both  with  form  ( rupam )  and  without  form,

the  most  adorable,

the  highest  of  beings,

the  ONE  beyond  the  understanding  of  creatures."  

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