Mundakopanishad : CHAPTER-2. SECTION-2. MANTRAM-2.{ Instrucions on contemplation upon Brahmam. }

Mundakopanishad :



MANTRAM-2.{ Instrucions  on  contemplation upon  Brahmam. }

 Discussion -3. "Penetration"....

The  Center  of  Life  reigning  in  us,  this  seat  of  Consciousness  is  to  be  penetrated,  say  the  Sruti,  by  ourselves  with  our  mind.

In  Vedantham,  mind  and  intellect  are  considered  to  be  one  and  te  same  stuff  and  it  has  different  names,  only  to  indicate  its  different  functions.

With  the  intellect  to  discriminate  and  separate  the  dead-matter  from  the  dynamic  Spirit,  is  the  'Vedantha-Sadhana'  for  the  intellect,  which  is  fulfilled  only  when  we  seek  and  establish  our  identity  with  the  Spirit.

Feel,  Feel,  Feel----- Feel  the Eternal  Nature  of  the  Spirit  which  is  All-pervading,  All-perfect  and  All-full.

This  is  the  method  of  'Vedantham  meditation'  --- know,  feel,  expand  and  realize.

How  to  penetrate  is  explained  below  in  the  subsequent  two  famous  mantram-s.

The  voiceless  enthusiasm  and  irrepressible  anxiety  of  Guru  is  palpably  evident  in  his  emphatic  repetition  when  he  says,  "Penetrate  It,  O  my  friend." 

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