Mundakopanishad : CHAPTER-2. SECTION-2. MANTRAM-5. { Method of Self-Realisation }

Mundakopanishad :



MANTRAM-5. { Method  of  Self-Realisation }

Discussion-3. "Give  up  our  preoccupations  with  the  outer  world"  ....

This  is  a  law  which  is  very  well-known  to  all  of  us  in  our  own  limited  experience.

So  long  as  I  am  aware  of  even  the  minutest  portion  of  my  dream,  I  cannot  come  entirely  to  my  waking-state-consciousness;  once  in  the  waking - state,  the  dream  is  entirely  transcended.

Similarly,  unless  we  transcend  entirely  our  waking,  dream  and  deep-sleep-statesof  consciousness,  we  canonot  hope  to  peep  into  the  blissful  abode  of  Self ( Atma ).

Thus,  during  the  period  of  seeking,  it  is  a  binding  law  that  we  must  enrirely  give  up  our  preoccupations  with  the  outer  world.

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To be continued  ....


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