Mundakopanishad : CHAPTER-2. SECTION-2. MANTRAM-s. 3. { Methods of penetrating Brahmam } & 4. { The analogy of penetration }.

Mundakopanishad :



Mantram-s. 3.{ Methods  of  penetrating  Brahmam } & 4. { The  analogy  of  penetration }

Discussion-6. "Archer-Bow-Arrow-Goal"....

Here  in  these  two  mantra-s,  we  get  a  wealth  of  detail  about  "Sadhana" by  whoch  we  can  reach  the  "Vedantik  perfection"  preached.

The  term  under  annotation  gives  a  minute  but  very  important  direction  to  the  seekers.

"If  the  arrow  trembles  in  the  hands  of  the  Archer  before  it  leaves  the  bow,  to  be  sure,  the  arrow  must  miss  its  aim."

"The more  steady  it  is  at  the  string,  the  surer  it  shall  fly  to  its  goal."

Next : Discussion -7. "A prepared  mind  takes  to  meditation  as  duck  to  water" ......

To be  continued  ....



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