Mundakopanishad : CHAPTER-2. SECTION-2. MANTRAM-s. 3. { Methods of penetrating Brahmam } & 4. { The analogy of penetration }.

Mundakopanishad :



Mantram-s. 3.{ Methods  of  penetrating  Brahmam } & 4. { The  analogy  of  penetration }

Discussion-3. "Method of penetration   in  detail"....

Here,  the  picture  is  more  than  significant  to  one  who  contemplates  over  it.

When  the  arrow  is  fixed  to  the  bow  and  pulled  towards  us,  though  the  arrow  is  facing  outward  ( i.e towards  target/mark ),  the  bow-string  bends  itself  to  represent  an  arrow-head  turned  towards  ourselves.

Thus  'OM' chanting  is  to  be  done  in  the  heart  and  its  significances  are  to  be  meditated  upon  and  experienced  in  the  inner-most  vaults  of  our  personality.

When  the  string  is  strung  to  the  maximum,  the  bow  man  is  onl  to  relax  his  firm  grip  on  the  arrow  the  Self  and  the  flight  of  the  instrument  pointing  through  space  is  automatic,  immediate  and  instantaneous.

Having  reached  its  goal/mark,  the  bull's  eye,  the  Brahmam,  the  Sruti  says  that  the  individual  Self  merges  with  the  Total  Self  ( Jivatma  with  the  Paramatma )  to  become  one  with  it.

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