Mundakopanishad : CHAPTER-2. SECTION-2. MANTRAM-5. { Method of Self-Realisation }

Mundakopanishad :



MANTRAM-5. { Method  of  Self-Realisation }

Discussion-1. "Are  centered"  ....

The  cause  is  the  very  substance  of  the  effect;

mud  is  the  very  essence  of  all  mud-pots.

It  is  in  this  sense  that  the  Sruti  says  that  the  entire  world  of  things  and  beings,

including  the  mind  and  their  activities,

is  in  the  essence  nothing  but  the  "Supreme  Consciousness."

Not  realizing  this,

We  identify  ourselves  with  a  finite  world  of  objects  and  our  own  ever-changing  mind,

and  thus  come  to  sorrow :  feelings  of  frustration,

imperfections  and  limitations.

The  Sruti  here  gives  us  a  sure  method  by  which  we  can  end  all  pains  and  sense  of  implications  by  knowing  the  "seat  of  our  Consciousness  in  ourselves."

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