Mundakopanishad : CHAPTER-2. SECTION-2. MANTRAM-s. 3. { Methods of penetrating Brahmam } & 4. { The analogy of penetration }.

Mundakopanishad :



Mantram-s. 3.{ Methods  of  penetrating  Brahmam } & 4. { The  analogy  of  penetration }

Discussion-5. "Apramattena  Veddhavyam" ...

To the  generation  Bharatheeya ( Hindu ) ancient philosophers /Rishi-s  a  mere  idealisidealistic dream  is  not  a  sufficient  goal  in  life.

However  great  the  goal  may  be,  the  practical - minded  Bharatheeya / Hindus always aspired  to  see  that  he  could  personally  come  to  experience  it.

Thus,  in  all  our  philosophies  we  have  also  detailed  perception  of  the  means  by  which  the  "idealistic" goal  can  be  personally  experienced.

Even  in  that  narration,  if  details  are  insufficient  or  ague,  we  may  reject  that  philosophy.

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