Mundakopanishad : ( Attainment of heaven by performing 'Agnihotram' rirual properly ). Mantram-5 & 6.



Section-2. ( Rituals )

Mantram-5 & 6.  ( Attainment  of  heaven  by  performing  'Agnihotram'  rirual  properly )


Discussion-8. "Similarity  of  example  with  the  mantram  ......"

Similarly,  a  very  sacred  act,  performed  with  deep  sincerity,  moulds  the  performer's  mental  structure  and  "Vasana"  contents.

This  is  so  beautifully  explained  in  this  Mantram,  when  the  Rishi  says  that  the  very  "ahuti"  in  the  form  of  ' Sun's  ray',  leads him  to  the  Lord  of  the  'Deva's'   ---- this  term  also  needs  a  background  understanding  of  the  "Vedantik  Prakriya."

Each  sense - organ  is  believed  by  the  'Sastra-s'   to  be  presided  over  by  onr  'Devata' ( element ).

Thus,  they  ( Rishi-s )  say  that  the  'eye'    is  presided  over  by  the  ' Sun'  ( Fire );  the  'ears' by  the  'Space' ( Akasa)  and  so  on...

A modern  educated  person,  even  when  he/she  is  sincere,  may  come  to  despair  at  these  antiquated  ideas  expressed  in  such  a  seemingly  unscientific  language.      

But,  it  is  all  because  we  fail  to  understand  the  style  of  the  'Upanishad-s' or  the  scientific  background  of  these  expressions.

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