Mundakopanishad : [Criticism of rituals -- devoid of knowledge ( Upasana ) ]. Mantram-7.



Section-2. ( Rituals )

Mantram-7. [Criticism  of  rituals --  devoid  of  knowledge  ( Upasana ) ].

Discussion-1. " We  Hindus,  the  Bharatheeya  confuse  and  ignorant  about  rituals ...."

Rituals   have  certainly  a  place  in  the  technique  of  self-perfection.

They  are  means  to  a  greater  end.

But,  a  majority  of   Bharatheeya-nivasi-s  (  Hindu-s  )  have  come  to  confuse  the  means  to  be  the  fulfilment  in  themselves.

They  refuse  to  rise  higher  than  the  rituals,  and  'Mother  Sruti'  is  here  mercilessly  whipping  such  ignorant  devotees  to  greater  endeavour  and  higher  achievements.  

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