Mundakopanishad : ( Seven tongues of fire ).Mantram-4.



Section-2. ( Rituals )

Mantram-4. ( Seven  tongues  of  fire )

 Discussion-1. "the significance  of  various  classifications  and  types  of  flames  ( fire )  in  the  Homa-kundam......."

The  real  import  and  the  significance  of  various  classifications  and  types  of  flames  discussed  herein  have  no  parallel  in  modern  science,  since  the  western  world  has  not  taken  fire  as  a  topic  of  enquiry.

And  yet,  to  some  extent,  we  know  the  different  areas  in  a  candle-flames  discussed  in  elementary  physics-texts.

Whether  there  are  any  special  significances  attached  to  these  different  types  of  flames  or  not,  it  is  not  within  our  knowledge  today  to  declare.

However,  in  this  'mantram'   we   can  find  not  only  the  scientific  approach  but  also  the  thoroughness  with  which  the  ancient  Rishi-s  dealt  with  their  topics.

The 'Mantram' is  a  clear  example  where  science  allied  with  literature  begets  a  knowledge  divinely  glorious.

In  their  very  sound,  the  terms  used  for  the  different  kinds  of  flames  have  a  beauty  of  their  own.

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