Mundakopanishad : ( Attainment of heaven by performing 'Agnihotram' rirual properly ). Mantram-5 & 6.



Section-2. ( Rituals )

Mantram-5 & 6.  ( Attainment  of  heaven  by  performing  'Agnihotram'  rirual  properly )


Discussion-7. 'the above  example  on  death  is  ......'

Now,  let  us  enter  wherever  we  like  mentally  in  that  market  place  ....  Surely,  all  of  us  could  not  have  gone  mentally  to  one  and  the  same  place  in  the  market.

One  of  you  might  have  gone  to  a  book-stall,  another  to  a  shoe  shop,  and  still  another  to  a  cloth shop,  and  myself  to  a  coffee-house,  and  the  ladies,  all  must  have  gone  a  saree-shop.

Every  one of  us  had  the  freedom  to  walk  into  any  shop  there.

What  decided  in  each  one  that  we  must  go  only  to  that  shop,  each  of  us  had  gone  to?

For  example,  you  yourself  could  have  to  the  saree-shop  as  freely  as  I  walked  into  the  cofee-house,  and  yet,  the  natural  way  in  which  I Walked  into  the  coffee-house,  had  been  very  powerful,  and  probably,  even  a  crowed  of  horses  could  have  dragged  me  then  to  the  sari-shop.

What  could  have  been  the  force  of  compulsion  in  me  that  dragged  me  among  all  the  places  to  the  coffee-house?

It  could  not  have  been  that  some  other  'total-force'   forced  me  to  go  there -----  no  destiny  intervened  between  me  and  my  action!

It  was  nothing  but  my  own  mental  rut,  which  gave  me  definite  turn  to  my  own  present  thoughts,  dragged  me  to  the  gates  of  cofee-house,  irresistibly  necked  me  in,  and  provided  for  myself  an  imaginary  cup  of  strong  coffee!

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