Mundakopanishad : ( Harmful results of rituals performed wrongly ).Mantram-3.



Section-2. ( Rituals )

Mantram-3. ( Harmful  results  of  rituals  performed  wrongly )

Discussion-2. "Seven  worlds"........

The  seven  worlds  can  be  considered  as  the  seven  generations;  three  ancestors  and  three  descendants,  and  himself,

Thus,  a  'ritualistic  karmam,' not  done  properly,  would  have  consequences  not  only  upon  oneself  but  upon  one's  own  father  grandfather  and  great-grandfather  and  upon  one's  own  son,  grandson,  and  great  grandson!!!

In  short,  the  Upanishad  is  severely  emphasising  the  drudgery  of  rules  in  ritualism  and  is  trying  to  wean  the  disciple  away  from  all  'desire-prompted  karma-s.'  

Only  when  the  mind  and  the  intellect  have  thus  totally  renounced their  desires  and  their  preoccupation  with  desire-prompted  actions,  can  we  hope  to  meditate  upon  and  rise  above  into  the  subtler  worlds  of  constructive  meditation.

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