Mundakopanishad : ( Harmful results of rituals performed wrongly ).Mantram-3.



Section-2. ( Rituals )

Mantram-3. ( Harmful  results  of  rituals  performed  wrongly )

 Discussion-3. "Summation" ....

At  the  same  time,  I  must  add  that  to  you  and  to  me  the  'Karma-s' as  they  are  now  available  for  us  are  very  very  important.

Selfless  service,  japam,  puja,  Sandya-vandanam,  meditation,  etc.,  are  very  important  to  a  seeker  in  his  early  stages  of  preparation

It  is  only  through  these  'Karma-s  that  one  gains  a  well-integrated  personality.

It  is  only  then  that  he  comes  to  feel  the  cumbersome  brutalities  of  the  rigid  rulesof  ritualism.

A  temple  fulfils  itself  successfully  in  a  'bhaktan'  when  he  comes  to  inquire  into  the  nature  of  'Godhood,'  the  nature  of  himself,  the  structure  of  the  world  and  the  relationship  between  these  three.

At  this  moment  the  integrated  personality  of  the  bhaktan  though  physically  standing  in  front  of  the  'Sanctum  Sanctorum,  has  grown  to  such  a  stature  that  he  no  longer  can  be  contained  within  the  confines  of  any  'gopuram,  steeple  or  dome.'

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