Mundakopanishad : ( Description of the 'Agnihotra' sacrifice ).Mantram-2.



Section-2. ( Rituals )

Mantram-2. [ Description  of  the  'Agnihotra'  sacrifice  ( Homam ) ].

Discussion-2. 'Karmam' ........

The  mantram  indicates  that  the  'Karmam,'  itself  limited,  has  its  own  rules  ordering  'where'     and   'when'   it  is  to  be  performed

The  aim  of  the  teacher  seems  to  be  when  the  entire  section  is  read  together  as  a  whole,  only  to  point  out  to  the  disciple  that  the  'karmam' is  painful,  complicated  and  difficult.

The  laboriousness  of  the  rituals  which  becomes  a  shackle  upon  a  full-grown  seeker,  in  the  flight  across  the  realms  of  the  higher  meditation,  is  vividly  brought  in  the  following  mantram-3.

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