Mundakopanishad : [Criticism of rituals -- devoid of knowledge ( Upasana ) ]. Mantram-7.



Section-2. ( Rituals )

Mantram-7. [Criticism  of  rituals --  devoid  of  knowledge  ( Upasana ) ].

Discussion-2. "Eighteen  supporters  of  Yajnam..........."

Eighteen  supporters  of  yajnam  are  constituted  of  the  sixteen  priests  ( ritvik-s )  along  with  the  householder  ( Yajamanan )  and  his  wife.

These  eighteen  are  important  limbs  in  some  kind  of  rituals,  which  are  performed  with  some  given  set  of  selfish  desires.

Please  note  that  all  'karma-s,'  at  all  times,  in  all  instances  need  not  have  a  householder  with  a  wife  to  preside  over  it.

As  though  not  satisfied  with  merely  condemning  such  a  blind  ritualistic  fervour  in  the  "ignorant fanatics,"  Sruti,  in  all  kindness,  is  courting  their  imagination  by  threatening  them  with  unending  sorrows,  in  case  they  refuse  to  lift  their  moorings  and  sail  out  into  the  open  seas  of  adventure  seeking  the  self-discovery.

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