Mundakopanishad : ( A look at the rituals ).Mantram-1.



Section-2. ( Rituals )

Mantram-1. ( A  look  at  the  rituals ).

Discussion-4. 'Routine' .....'abhyasa'  ---  summation.

A  routine  in  itself  cannot  constructively  re-create  a  developed  human  personality.

It  is  only  a  deliberate  intelligent  training  of  the  head  and  heart  of  an  individual,  gained  through  diligent  "abhyasam"   that  can  bring  about  this  desired  effect.

A  dull  habit,  or  an  inert  routine  pursued  under  the  blind  force  of  a  dead  faith  is  ineffectual  and  quite  undesirable  as  a  measure  in  the  spiritual  revival  of  an  individual.

Rituals  in  themselves  cannot  and  will  not  lead  a  seeker  to  his  goal.

An  act,  however  noble,  cannot  in  its  result,  procure  the  Eternal,  the  act  being  itself  a  finite  one.

We  shall  get  a  more  exhaustive  discussion  on  this  point  later  on,  in  this  section.

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