Mundakopanishad : ( Description of the 'Agnihotra' sacrifice ).Mantram-2.



Section-2. ( Rituals )

Mantram-2. [ Description  of  the  'Agnihotra'  sacrifice  ( Homam ) ].

Discussion-1. About  "Agnihotra".......

Of  the  various  sacrifices  ( Homam ),  an  explanation  is  given  of  the  'Agnihotra'  because  of  its  importance  as  a  daily  sacrifice  to  be  practiced.

There  are  two  readings  of  this  mantram;  1.  with  the  last  two  words  ( with  faith )  and  2.  without  these  two  words.

Swami  Sri  Adi  Sankaracharya  takes  takes  the  reading  without  them ( i.e,  the  second ).

When  the  flames  of  the  sacred  fire  (  Homakundam )  are  smoky  and  dim,  the  oblations  are  not  to  be  offered.

The  oblations  are  offered  only  when  the  flames  are  brightly  dancing  in  energetic  cheer.

Again,  the  oblations  are  to  be  offered  at  the  space  between  the  two  points,  on  the  right  and  the  left,  'where  the  ghee  ( clarified  butter )  is  poured.

This  point  is  called  'Avapasthana'  in  the  ritualistic  terminology.  

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