Mundakopanishad : ( A look at the rituals ).Mantram-1.



Section-2. ( Rituals )

Mantram-1. ( A  look  at  the  rituals ).

Discussion-3. the  term 'niyatam' ......

That  a  seeker  should,  in  this  initial  stages  of  'Sadhana,'  follow  the  rituals  'niyatam'
 (diligently ) is  being  very  emphatically  expressed  in  this  mantram  ( third  line  and  third  word  of  the  mantram ).

The  word  'niyatam' ( diligently )  is  very  pregnant.

It  does  not  merely  suggest  a  faithful  and  blind  performance,  but  insists  upon  a  regular  practice  which  is  continuous,  intelligent,  fresh  and  cheerful.

Rituals  followed  as  a  routine,  lose  all  their  potency.

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To be continued  ....



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